What to wear with your black Gucci handbag

September 4, 2012
With leather pieces making a comeback this fall, a black Gucci purse can prove to be the perfect matching accessory.

Gucci handbags and the color black are two classics that really wear each other well. As a result, classic black purses from this label are coveted by fashionistas for being stylish, functional and most importantly versatile. But with so many pairing options, how can you make sure your favorite new Signature Fabric Denim Abby Hobo Black or Abby Tote Double-Handle Shopping Bag is paired with the right designer duds?

This fall, there are a few new color trends that are sure to make a classic black Gucci bag a must own:

1. Black leather. This fall, black leather is making a comeback, as seen in the fit and flair leather dresses, pants and skirts that have graced the runway on a number of models for autumn collections. And while your black leather will most certainly steal much of the attention, these pieces don't provide much in the way of pocket space. Carry a functional-yet-stylish Gucci bag that has room for everything you can't fit into your snug.

2. Neutral tones. "The idea of not wearing brown and black together seems so dated," Rihanna said in a 2008 interview. And since then, this old style rule has gone out the window. With many fall fashions playing on classic neutrals such as navy and brown, and even the dark, earthy burgundy, a black bag can provide the right accent, especially when paired with designer shades and high-end Gucci belts.

3. White. Black and white certainly came into their own this summer, with everything from stripped t-shirts to designer dresses playing with this classic combo. If you're breaking the rules and wearing white after Labor Day, feel free to bring along a classic black bag. With this time-honored anchor, you just must be able to rewrite the rules like Rihanna.

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