Try these at-home tricks to get beautiful hair

August 31, 2012
Try these at-home recipes for stunning hair.

Most of time, when we look at the celebrities who grace the red carpet and magazine covers, we notice the following things: their outfit, including their designer accessories and brand name shoes, and how great their hair looks.

Alas, we put the magazine down and simply figure that we'll never get hair that looks that fabulous because most of us don't have a personal hair stylist. But, luckily, there is good news. You don't have to pay hundreds of dollars a day to get a mane that is paparazzi worthy.

By following the tricks below by InStyle Magazine, you'll make even the most beautiful girls on the block green with envy:

1) Enhance highlights using citrus
We've all heard that lemon juice can boost highlights, but this doesn't always look natural. In fact, it can make your hair look brassy unless of course you mix it with orange juice. Kyle White, a stylist at the Oscar Blandi Salon in New York City says that "the mix creates a warmer, more golden blond."

2) Get rid of pool hair using V8
A day in the pool can be relaxing, but it can also give blonde hair a greenish tint. Luckily, you can put that V8 your mom has been trying to get you to drink to good use. "Massage a can of V8 into your hair as if you’re lathering shampoo," says Los Angeles celebrity hairdresser Negin Zand. "The red pigments in the tomato juice will warm up any ashy or green effects."

3) Say goodbye to flakes using ibuprofen
There's nothing more unsightly than dandruff. To get rid of these pesky flakes, crush a few tablets of ibuprofen and mix them into your shampoo. The broken particles serve as an exfoliator that clears the dry skin on your scalp.

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