The do’s and don’ts of red pumps

September 28, 2012
Pair your red shoes with something classic, and they will look great.

Sure, those gorgeous red pumps look great, but can you actually wear them around town? If you worry that this look will make too much of a statement, chances are that you're just not sure how to wear it. Quell your nerves by reading the do's and don'ts concerning this showstopping accessory.

Do: Wear them with classics. Red pumps like these patent leather Cesare Paciottis can add an unexpected element to a basic outfit. Wearing these with a demure dress or classy blazer will turn up the heat on an otherwise boring outfit.

Don't: Pair them with red. Because you're putting so much intensity into your footwear, stick to neutral hues for your clothing. Rather than competing with the rest of your outfit, let them be the star of the show by choosing a subdued color scheme.

Do: Wear them to work. Certainly, shoes like this have a lot of sex appeal, but they can still look entirely work appropriate when they're paired with staples like a button down and a pencil skirt.

Don't: Take them out dancing. If you're getting dolled up for a night on the town, leave your red pumps behind in favor of another shoe. The look of these shoes paired with a short skirt is overplayed, and you can run the risk of looking trashy.

So the next time you get nervous about red shoes, fear not. As long as you follow these rules, your heels will always be pitch-perfect. Just make sure that you get them from Dellamoda. We have a huge selection of authentic designer shoes and accessories from the biggest names in fashion like Gucci and Prada, all on sale.

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