New restaurant in NYC sure to draw hip and fashionable crowds

August 8, 2012
Of course, any diva knows that when attending any restaurant that recently opened, it's important to look her best.

Every fashionista knows that sophistication extends beyond her wardrobe It also includes being in the know. That means having the inside scoop on big events going on in the neighborhood. And, one New York City restaurant that is sure to draw plenty of classy women and men is Jezebel.

This isn’t your everyday Jewish deli. Sure, you can sip a glass of manischewitz or devour some gefilte fish, but Jezebel is one step above all other similar restaurants. It opened less than a month ago in the city’s trendy Soho neighborhood.

Owners Henry Stimler and Menachem Senderowicz created a completely kosher restaurant in a two-story 1887 townhouse.

”We’re not looking to be a Jewish restaurant at all. Obviously, we have a built-in clientele with a tremendous hunger for something like this, but we want this to be open to everybody,” explains Stimler in an interview with W Magazine.

And if you think that Jezebel, doesn’t have a place to sit or the space is too crowded like other restaurants in the area, think again.

Stimler and Senderowicz went above and beyond the call of decorating duty. Gold walls, ram horn light fixtures, grand portraits of famous Jewish celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman and oversized black leather couches fill the two-story townhouse. If you don’t feel like eating your roasted bone marrow with parsley on one of the restaurant’s sofas, simply walk upstairs to the seated portion of the restaurant.

Of course, any diva knows that when attending any restaurant that recently opened, it’s important to look her best. In addition to having a killer outfit, it also means toting the perfect designer purse and high-end shoes.

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