Minnie Mouse inspires London Fashion Week

August 17, 2012
Minnie Mouse is one of Disney's most beloved characters, but few knew she would inspire famous designers.

Minnie Mouse is surely one of Disney’s most well-known cutest characters, but did you know that the world’s most precious mouse is behind the inspiration for London Fashion Week 2012 in mid-September?

Various sources revealed that Minnie won’t be strutting her stuff on the catwalk, but top-notch designers such as Katie Hillier, Giles Deacon and Richard Knoll will be showcasing outfits that are inspired by the Disney character’s signature red and white polka dot dress and large bow.

“Minnie Mouse and her unique style continue to inspire fans across the world. We’re thrilled to collaborate with such visionaries to create these one-off designs. Surpassing trends, Minnie Mouse’s iconic silhouette, signature bows and polka dots always remain in style which is why she is as relevant today as the day she first appeared on the fashion scene”, said Marc Low, vice president of Fashion and Home for The Walt Disney Company EMEA.

But if you think that the shows are going to feature silly and costume-like dresses pieces, think again. These designers know how to put a high-fashion spin on the lovable rodent’s wardrobe. They have prepared one of-a-kind pieces ranging from ornate black and white necklaces to dresses with vintage Minnie and Mickey prints on them.

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