Buy designer shoes and purses to emulate style of guests at Southampton fundraiser

July 19, 2012

Southampton, New York, is known for hosting the rich and famous. This idyllic town on the tip of Long Island offers vacationers and residents locally owned shops, delicious restaurants and high-end boutiques.

And, in true upscale fashion, this scenic community played host to the Parrish Art Museum’s annual midsummer party last Saturday night. The attendees arrived in $150,000 cars and couture gowns to enjoy one last fundraiser before the Southampton museum moves into a new building in Water Mill on November 10.

Reports say men showed up to the event appearing chic sporting everything from suits to jeans and river sandals. The women looked glamorous as ever and donned stylish outfits ranging from gorgeous dresses and strappy stilettos to hot pants and button down blouses.

Chuck Close, one of the artists recognized at the event, reportedly took a more casual approach with a black hat and an African-print suit.

A blogger for The New York Times took a picture with Christophe de Menil, the arts patron who creates clothes and costumes, and asked her who her favorite designer is.

Alexander McQueen,” she answered, according to the Times. ”And also myself.”

Although there were a few empty seats at the fundraiser, that didn’t mean guests weren’t having a good time. They moved and shook on the dance floor and some, like co-chair of the benefit, Deborah Bancroft, even removed their designer shoes.

”It’s my freedom flag for other women who want to remove their stilettos,” she told the report.

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