Authentic Designer Bags

When your friends talk about the fashion police, they’re usually referring to celebrity gossip. But, while this seems like an innocent joke, lately the police have become more involved in fashionable matters. As a shopper, the consequence of knowingly participating in a criminal act is very real. Despite their prevalence in major cities throughout the world, the sale of fake handbags is a serious crime, one that is punishable by steep fines and penalties.

For example, in 2010, one Austrian traveler in Italy reportedly paid seven euros for a “designer” handbag. However, the “authentic” handbag didn’t simply end up in her luggage. Local officers watched the exchange from guard towers using binoculars, and even though she was unaware that what she was doing was illegal, she was forced to pay 1,000 euros – or around $1,300 – for her actions. Countries such as France and Italy have already implemented penalties to enforce copyright and trademark law to protect major designers from the sale and purchase of counterfeit products.  With fines reaching up to $1,500, legislation is now taking action to penalize buyers as well as sellers.

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Spotting a fake or counterfeit handbag
To ensure you are receiving authentic designer bags, you may have to look at the finer details of the bag. Since counterfeit handbags have become more common, the sellers that violate local laws have become increasingly adept at disguising their inferior products. By closely analyzing logos, stitching and labeling, you can verify that your bag is the real deal.

Fear of fines isn’t the only reason to invest in a well-made product. The quality offered by authentic designer handbags is worth the price; the materials and workmanship make designer purses more durable, ensuring you can carry the bag for many years. Counterfeit handbags may have logos that are stamped on the bags, false labels that are sewn inside the bag or even more obvious changes – a faux Chanel bag may have a logo that reads “OC” rather than the company’s copyright-protected “CC.” Buyers should also be aware of their surroundings, as some areas are famed for their fake handbag offerings.

The truth behind fake handbags
While purchasing a fake handbag may seem like harmless way to accessorize an outfit, the market for counterfeit luxury goods is often run by crime syndicates. As a result, even throwing a small amount of money toward these bags can have larger consequences. The funds from sales of fake designer fashions have been linked to human trafficking, child prostitution and terrorism.

Similarly, purchasing a fake handbag carries other consequences for the buyer. In New York, buying a fake handbag is a class C felony, making it on par with crimes like manslaughter in the second degree, the sale of a firearm to a minor and certain types of insurance fraud.

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