What is Your Personal Style? This weeks short quiz will help you find your style!

November 2, 2013
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  1. Which nail polish shade sounds most appealing?
    1. Petal pink
    2. Sage green
    3. Wild black berry


  1. Which item would you most like to receive for your birthday?
    1. A structured blazer
    2. A lace embossed clutch
    3. Studded ballet flats


  1. Which were you most likely to be voted in high school?


  1. Most Likely to Succeed
  2. Class Sweetheart
  3. Most Daring


  1. What kind of bathing suit do you wear on the beach?


  1. A one piece
  2. A high waist two piece
  3. A string bikini


  1. Which item must you apply before leaving the house?
    1. Perfume
    2. Liquid Eyeliner
    3. Lipstick


Mostly A’s-Preppy and Polished

You appreciate the finer things in life and stick with cuts, colors, and prints that flatter your figure; whether they are currently in trend or not. You love classic pieces that never go out of style-polo tops, boot cut jeans, button down blouses, cardigans, and blazers. When it comes to accessories, you adore shiny strands of pearls, silky scarves; and sleek leather day bags make you swoon! You are a traditional gal to the core and your personal style showcases your confidence and sophistication.

Mostly B’s-Very Vintage

You love to have fun when getting dressed each day, and you could never fathom putting together an ensemble that looks as if it came directly from a department store model. You like to incorporate eclectic pieces into your day to day and special event looks; and vintage anything makes your heart skip a beat. You are a sucker for long, flowing maxi dresses; t-strap heels, light muted colors, sequins, feathers, and funky accessories; like brooches and birdcage veil headbands. You are a creative soul who relies on fashion to portray your personality and exceptional taste when it comes to mixing the old with the new.

Mostly C’s-Extremely Edgy

You get excited when you see leather, studs, miniskirts, and sky high stiletto heels. You are a girl who knows what she wants, when she wants it and you don’t let anyone or anything get in your way. You have a big and bold personality and find that wearing edgy clothing gives you a thrill and makes you feel sensual and sexy. Your closet is filled with dark, form fitting clothing, moto jackets, dozens of belts to cinch your waist, various animal print, and shiny accent pieces. You love to have fun, flaunt what you’ve got, and make an entrance everywhere you go.

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