Ah, summer-the perfect time to be outdoors, how to go from the Beach to the Bar in Style!

From the Beach to the Bar-Summer Bags to Bag

Ah, summer-the perfect time to be outdoors. If you plan on hitting the beach, you can easily transition into an evening out on the boardwalk! All you need is one special accessory to make that happen-a bag! Summer bags are important because they strike the perfect balance between style and function. Read on to learn how you can bag a bag that will take you from afternoon fun in the sun to an easy evening affair. It’s simple!

First, select a bag that has a forgiving texture. You need to keep in mind that you will be bringing it with you on the beach, so it could get dirty. Straw bags or a canvas bag in a sandy, neutral tone are your best bet. Plus they complement a variety of suit or dress colors, textures, and styles.

Next, size matters. You need to pick a bag that you can easily slide on your shoulder but that does not take up too much room. You want something that can hold a change of shoes and your bathing suit/maxi dress with ease; as well as your beach essentials (sunscreen, water, sunglasses) and your evening necessities (make up bag, deodorant, brush).

Then, once your size and texture are determined; any added embellishments are just a bonus. Bags that have some sequin designs or some flirty patterns mixed in add extra style and sass. They take your bag from just being a “beach bag” to being an “anytime” bag.

Who wants to run back home or to their hotel to change and swap bags when you can carry everything you need in one bag and effortlessly transition from beach to bar? Summer is all about looking and feeling fabulous, natural, and carefree. When you have the right bag, anything is possible!

So, when shopping for a new summer bag, keep in mind your lifestyle, summer social calendar, and needs. It is possible to stay out all day, if you have one fabulous and functional bag to hold everything you need and take you from afternoon to evening! Go bag your summer bag now.

Update Your Wardrobe This Summer!

Summer brings with it a splash of colors, and who doesn’t get washed up in the bloom? Say adieu to the hefty sweaters and scarves and bring on the summer dresses, high heels and the “oh so important” sunglasses to cast off the blinding glare.

Every girl aspires to look classy and fabulous but unfortunately and if you want to look your best, make sure that your designer accessories come from Dellamoda’s online store. We have the same high-end brands worn by celebrities on the red carpet, but at discounted prices, making them easier on your pockets. Here is a look at this summer’s trendy affairs and everything you need to have in your closet:

A Pretty Hat to make a Gorgeous Lady

Gorgeously trimmed fancies to casual beach hats, and panamas to fedoras, hats are in vogue again as the summer staple. We see them adorning the heads of our favorite celebrities all the time. Just watch the movie “the other woman” to know what we are talking about. The movie may be an insipid contrivance but the stand out feature was the hats that we absolutely adored.

From keeping you out of the sun to compensating for a humid bad hair day, hats should be your go to accessory this season. Try the irresistible Burberry hats in berry colors to give an extra flair to any outfit. If that was not for you, try the Ombre Panama hat for a look that says “Hello Hawaii!”

For a Kate Middleton inspired style, pin fascinators to your head for a flirty look that is hard to resist. Hats Galore! How we wish we had our personal mad hatter at hand!

Spruce Up Your Eyes with Sun Glasses

Splurge on your eyes a little (ok not so little) this summer. Just like sun block protects the skin, sun glasses are a sure fire way to protect the eyes against the harsh glare of the sweltering sun. Rayben, Chloe, Michael Kors, Montblanc, Emilio Pucchi, Chanel, D&G, Dior and Velentino have their niches set when it comes to the right brand.

Circular, polarized, oversized or protective, sunglasses are the hottest word in town. Cast aside the traditional aviators and go for groovy. Gray lenses are great for an overly bright day and copper lenses to mute the sky. The lenses you choose depend on where you wish the wear your glasses. For a style guide on how to sport polarized sun glasses, follow Lady Gaga!

Click Clock Those Heels

Shoes are a girl’s best friend. It’s that time of the year again when we free our feet from the confines of the hefty winter stained boots and kick up the heels. From the minimal strappy heels, to toe points and wedges, our feet demand a reprisal. We recommend the exquisite Jimmy choo straps, Cesare Paciotti’s strass crystal pumps, Flirty Gucci wedges and Missoni peep toe as viable additions to your wardrobe. One can never have too many shoes after all!

Merry in the colors of summer and happy shopping!

Have an upcoming vacation planned? Which Accessory Should You Pack!

Which Accessory Should You Pack?

If you have an upcoming vacation planned, you understand the importance of packing light. After you tuck away your key outfits, you can pack an essential accessory. The trick is to pick the one you will get the most use out of based on your lifestyle, personality, and what you have planned on your trip. Take the quick quiz below to help you decide which accessory you should pack.

  1. What is your ideal vacation spot?
  2. Vegas
  3. Europe
  4. Hawaii


  1. Which bag characteristic attracts you the most?
  2. Its small size
  3. Its storage compartments
  4. Its fabric-you need something that wipes clean easily


  1. Which vacation activity sounds most appealing to you?
  2. Dinner and drinks at a trendy restaurant
  3. A guided tour of the city
  4. A long stroll by the ocean


  1. Which item do you carry with you on a daily basis?
  2. Lipstick
  3. A camera
  4. Sunglasses


  1. Who do you usually travel with?
  2. A group of friends
  3. Your family
  4. Just your significant other


Mostly A’s     A Clutch

Your vacation consists of fabulous dinners and late night dancing. You want to carry around a mini bag to hold all of your essentials without weighing you down. Pick up a designer clutch that is easy to tuck under your arm or carry in the palm of your hand. It will be easy to dance with, it will help you duck in and out of crowds, and will sit prettily on your dinner table or on top of a bar.

Mostly B’s     A Hobo

Your vacation consists of a lot of sight-seeing. You are constantly on the go and need something large enough to tote your camera, as well as other daily essentials that also allow you to be hands free as you are out and about. Pick up a designer bag that has handles and a detachable strap to give you a lot of flexibility and storage, but most of all, style!

Mostly C’s     A Designer Hat

Your vacation consists of a lot of lounging by the pool and on the beach. You want to look stylish yet bring something fully functional with you. A designer hat is great to pack because it takes up no space in your carry on since you can wear it on your head or tuck it under your seat. A hat will also keep the sun out of your eyes while making you look very chic as you move off of the beach and enjoy a lunch or dinner at a poolside cabana.

Alta Qualita – who loves the finer things in life?

Alta Qualita-

Italian Shoes for Men!

Whether you’re a man who loves the finer things in life, or a woman who wants her man to love the finer things in life; one thing’s for sure. Italian shoes for mean are very alta qualita! That’s Italian for high quality. Read on to learn the benefits of buying these prized possessions and how you can get your hands (and feet) on the perfect pair!

They Are All Handmade

Just imagine it. A perfect fit, every time. Why? Italian men’s shoes are all handmade. Their shoemaker understands the curves of a man’s foot, how important style and design is, and how essential the materials are that go into this artistic, comfortable, and handsome masterpiece.  One can’t always say that about American made shoes. Plus, most Italian shoes are made in a little shop, not a gigantic factory. Time, effort, and precision are put into each pair.

They Will Last for Years

A pair of Italian shoes will not fall apart in a year. Not even in five years. Possibly, not even in ten years! Men who invest in these high quality shoes will have the same pair for decades (and are sure to treasure them just as much as the day they purchased them).

It’s a Family Affair!

Most Italian shoe makers got into the biz because their parents and even grandparents have been in the shoe making business for years. They put a ton of pride and passion into each pair in order to maintain the family legacy and ensure each pair is nothing less than perfection.

They Have a Distinct Style

There is simply something so classy and chic about a pair of Italian men’s shoes. Maybe it’s the discreet point that their toe forms. Maybe it’s the tiny flat heel on the sole. Or, it could simply be the cool, Euro-style embellishments or colors that simply stand out. No matter what, one can immediately tell the difference between an Italian shoe made by say, Jo Ghost and an American shoe!

Money Talks

Let’s face it. If you love the finer things in life, you aren’t afraid to go for that extra splurge and sport some serious style (or status). Men who wear Italian shoes are sure to get noticed and even view their shoes as a symbol of wealth. Men in the business world are constantly investing in Italian shoes, much like Rolex watches in order to show that they have “made it” in the business world and in life.

If you are in the market for a new pair of shoes or want to buy your guy the perfect gift, be sure to check out our selection of Italian men’s shoes!

The Top Five Winter Boots for Men and How to Wear Them

The Top Five Winter Boots for Men and How to Wear Them

Winter is right around the corner. You want to wear something warm, yet full of style and trendy. If you are in the market for some new winter boots, read on to learn about five amazing pairs and how you can wear them to enhance your cold weather wardrobe!

  1. Jo Ghost Woven Leather Boots

Leather anything screams luxury! When featured on a boot; you are guaranteed nothing but the best! Jo Ghost’s Inglese Nero Woven Leather Boots have a modern shape and a unique and intricate design down the front. Pair them with your favorite jeans and a cozy, zip front knit sweater. They dress up the most casual clothes and they immediately draw attention to your feet!

jo ghost boots



  1. Cesare Paciotti Eel Glass Fondente Boots

Take your business suits to a new level! These men’s boots will wow everyone at work and make a strong statement, getting you the respect and admiration you deserve! These shiny, black ankle high boots have a leather lined interior, so they provide you with nothing but comfort all day long. Their silver buckle hardware also adds to the overall design of the boot and its square toe design makes this pair of boots dressy and distinguished. Pair them with a fitted business suit for work or your next special occasion.


cesare paciotti boots



  1. Cesare Paciotti Madison Suede Boots

Nothing says home for the holidays, like these cozy, warm weather boots. Their warm taupe tone is a great neutral color that can be paired with a number of other winter hues and textures. They have a durable foam sole that can withstand cold temperatures and snowy sidewalks; and their fuzzy texture make them perfect to pair with a flannel coat, fleece active wear top, and your collection of crew neck sweaters and jeans.


  1. Corvari Dover Bordo High top Boots

The perfect date night shoes; you’re sure to impress your spouse, partner, or plus one when wearing these all around amazing lace up boots. These burgundy boots have a smooth and shiny finish and a soft leather texture. They should be worn with a pair of straight legs jeans and a fitted, structured shirt. Its color makes it interesting and unique; plus it can be worn with a number of other neutral colors like beige, brown, navy, and hunter green.


  1. Jo Ghost Two Tone Zip Up Boots

These brown, two gray leather boots are hand painted and offer its owner a finer shoe wearing experience. Its button embellishments and side zip feature make it functional and fashionable by all standards. Composed of leather and filled with fine detailing; these boots are great to wear to work with a business casual suit or out on the town with friends with jeans, khakis, or other semi-formal trousers.


Shoes make or break an outfit. If you need a new pair, consider some from the list above to enhance your wardrobe and wow everyone around you!