Maglieriapelle Shoes, the story behind the brand!

Maglieriapelle ® is derived from “woven leather” in Italian. The vision is, shoes, the old fashioned way – by hand, one shoe at a time.

Monkstraps-Collection_1200xMaglieriapelle ® is derived from “woven leather” in Italian. The creative process incorporates a customer-focused approach and involves countless hours imagining, designing and iterating each shoe, obsessing over every detail. Crafted with the finest quality materials using responsible and ethical manufacturing processes, Maglieriapelle’s skilled artisans pour their heart and soul into making each pair.


Maglieriapelle Dellamoda


From leather to laces, designs, hand-sewn construction and unique hand-painting provide you an experience to own and enjoy the best handmade shoes for years to come.



Mezlan Shoes – The story behind the legend!

This would become a critical factor in Almansa’s reputation as the highest quality shoemaking factories in all of Spain. Almansa, Spain is the birthplace and home to Mezlan.  Located in the arid but fertile plains between the high central plateau of La Mancha and the Mediterranean Sea, the town of Almansa is set at the foot of a majestic, rising white limestone cliff.  Surmounted by a breathtaking 14th century Moorish castle, the Castle of Almansa, the town lays claim to being Spain’s shoe making capital.


Almansa has the oldest reservoir in Europe, built in 1584. For the town and for the resident artisan craftsmen of Mezlan, this reservoir serves as a source of flowing inspiration and creativity.

Though the Mezlan factory took root in the mid-20th century, its ancestral roots go far back into the time-honored traditions of the artisan craftsmen of the region who embody this treasured culture. Exquisite leather products, tanned and crafted in Spain, have been praised, valued and enjoyed for centuries by the patrons of Europe’s great cities.Up until the mid-19th century, this region of Spain was home to small artisan communities of country laborers.  Using the revered master-apprentice relationship for shoemaking, they cultivated the skills and the art of the craft.  Many of the shoes at that time were produced for local aristocracy who possessed the highest levels of wealth but by the mid-19th century, artisan production started to evolve from small homework shops to the very first factories.  This development of the shoemaking trade came to life as a result of three strategic factors.  Firstly, Almansa had a privileged geographical location which linked it to the vital cities of Madrid, Valencia and Alicante.  The value of its location was reaffirmed in 1858 with the inauguration of the Madrid-Alicante railway that passed through Albacete and Almansa.  Secondly, there was the existence of a large and talented artisanal contingent of highly skilled shoemakers in the area.

And lastly, with gradual improvements in transportation, including the role of the muleteers, the industry got a much-needed boost in commercialization by allowing local artisans to sell their shoes to consumers of distant towns outside the immediate Almansa area.  This fueled growth and an accumulation of capital, allowing for the first factories to be built in the area.

Almansa also had the good fortune of being home to several strong, local families of master shoemakers who helped the town transition from one of simple shoemakers to pioneers of industry.  They incorporated progressive mechanization processes which used the newest shoemaking machinery of the time.  By the turn of the century, a strong and enterprising production in shoe making was taking place.  This continued for many years, making Almansa the highest capacity shoe-producing town in all of Spain.

The shoe markets opened internationally during and after the First World War and continued to expand and flourish right up until the start of the Spanish Civil War in 1936.  These hard times saw a dramatic decline in the local shoemaking industry, continuing for many years through the earlier half of the Franco era.  Then, during the 1960’s the shoemaking industry in Almansa began to redevelop at a more rapid pace. A great number of small factories were being staffed, once again, by the traditional artisan shoemakers, many of whom were returning back to the area.

Throughout the economic ups and downs of the last half century, the strength of Almansa’s footwear production, and that of the Mezlan factory in particular, continues to be the production of high-quality men’s shoes worn by very discerning gentlemen who enjoy a heightened sense of fashion in their lives.

The Vintage Guide to Exotic Skin Shoes for Men

The Vintage Guide to Exotic Skin Shoes for Men

Shoes can tell you a lot a man, his class, charisma and character can be reflected by the kind of shoes he wears and how well he wears them. While a good pair of shoes can instantly boost your confidence, it becomes a little to challenging to pick out the perfect pair. With so many kinds of skin shoes available, one has a wide variety of options to choose from. Here is a brief guide to choosing exotic skin shoes for men:

Alligator Skin

The king of exotic skin shoes, alligator skin is incredibly popular and known for its soft yet high quality leather. Alligator skin will be one of the most expensive skins extracted from reptiles. It can be distinguished by other reptile skins as its skin features a diamond shaped umbilical scar formed by small triangular scales. It is important to note the patterns on the skin while purchasing a pair of expensive shoes. Ideally the shoes should be made up of either the belly of the alligator or the tail. As boots require two pieces of skin, it is important to note the consistency of pattern while buying a pair of shoes.

Ostrich Skin

Ostrich skin is yet another exotic skin generally used for making cow boy boots. The leather of the leg or the quill part is what is primarily used to make shoes. The leather is soft and easy to shape. Ostrich leather is mostly liked for its ridges and bumpy textures that give shoes a very sleek, trendy and finished look.

Crocodile Skin

Though crocodile and alligator skin may look quite similar, crocodile skin has been known for having invariable scales and comparatively more consistent patterns when compared to an alligator’s skin. Crocodile skin shoes are a favorite among men for its rugged look and elegant charm. Crocodile skin is increasingly popular, and the leather is usually made from the belly skin.

Eel Skin

Genuine eel skin leather serves to be incredibly soft yet durable. It is also lightweight and supple which makes it easy to cut and shape. The eel skin is widely famous for its natural sheen; this is mainly because the eel skin has a tendency to absorb dyes very easily making it one of the favorites when it comes to skin shoes.

Snake Skin

Snake skin is known for its glossy look and shimmer; it is manly used for making cow boy boots. Snake skin shoes are quite popular and are termed as one of the most luxurious exotic skin shoes. Snake skin is highly flexible in nature thus it is commonly used for making shoes.

Lizard Skin

Finally, one of the most exotic skins of all, lizard skin shoes are highly popular for its durable leather soles that can last up till many years. They may cost a lot as compared to regular leather but they are highly resistant and will last much longer and are very comfortable to wear.

Nautical Chic! How to Accessorize This Sizzling Summer Style

How to Accessorize This Sizzling Summer Style

You don’t have to own a yacht to look as though you’ve just stepped off of one. Nautical chic is a specific and sizzling hot summer style that looks amazing on girls and guys. You can pull off this sailor inspired look by wearing a few basic items and accessorizing them with just the right items.

First, keep your color pallet to neutral tones that are inspired by the sea-beige, white, navy, turquoise, and even red are ideal tones to try. Pops of coral here and there in the form of accessories will also complement your look.

Next, select anything that is made from straw or other woven fabrics. Ladies can carry around a tote, slide on a pair of woven bottom espadrilles, and men can add a woven, rope inspired belt around khaki trousers or white linen shorts.

Then, pick up the right sunglasses to not only protect your eyes but enhance your style. You can’t go wrong with a designer pair because their optical protection is par none and each pair is crafted carefully from the best materials and are meant to be long lasting and their designs are always in style. A pair of aviator lenses is always a wise choice and looks amazing on both genders (why not get a matching pair for summer?).

Also, add some shimmering sea accessories that stand out but are light weight to wear in the summer heat. A small, golden shell pendant or a pretty coral bracelet will do the trick; while men can pick up a bronze toned, light weight designer watch to offset the nautical trend and their tanned skin.

You also want to keep you head protected. Consider purchasing a wide brimmed straw hat to look oh-so-chic at the beach or a classic men’s visor to keep the sun out of your eyes while boating.

Finally, any kind of ocean print article of clothing or accessory will also help you achieve a nautical chic look. Think lobster belts, seersucker stripes, shell printed bags, or even playful wave prints. They will be sure to make a “splash” wherever you travel or socialize.

Anyone can achieve a sizzling hot nautical look. Follow some of the guidelines above when accessorizing your next summer seaside outfit!

Alta Qualita – who loves the finer things in life?

Alta Qualita-

Italian Shoes for Men!

Whether you’re a man who loves the finer things in life, or a woman who wants her man to love the finer things in life; one thing’s for sure. Italian shoes for mean are very alta qualita! That’s Italian for high quality. Read on to learn the benefits of buying these prized possessions and how you can get your hands (and feet) on the perfect pair!

They Are All Handmade

Just imagine it. A perfect fit, every time. Why? Italian men’s shoes are all handmade. Their shoemaker understands the curves of a man’s foot, how important style and design is, and how essential the materials are that go into this artistic, comfortable, and handsome masterpiece.  One can’t always say that about American made shoes. Plus, most Italian shoes are made in a little shop, not a gigantic factory. Time, effort, and precision are put into each pair.

They Will Last for Years

A pair of Italian shoes will not fall apart in a year. Not even in five years. Possibly, not even in ten years! Men who invest in these high quality shoes will have the same pair for decades (and are sure to treasure them just as much as the day they purchased them).

It’s a Family Affair!

Most Italian shoe makers got into the biz because their parents and even grandparents have been in the shoe making business for years. They put a ton of pride and passion into each pair in order to maintain the family legacy and ensure each pair is nothing less than perfection.

They Have a Distinct Style

There is simply something so classy and chic about a pair of Italian men’s shoes. Maybe it’s the discreet point that their toe forms. Maybe it’s the tiny flat heel on the sole. Or, it could simply be the cool, Euro-style embellishments or colors that simply stand out. No matter what, one can immediately tell the difference between an Italian shoe made by say, Jo Ghost and an American shoe!

Money Talks

Let’s face it. If you love the finer things in life, you aren’t afraid to go for that extra splurge and sport some serious style (or status). Men who wear Italian shoes are sure to get noticed and even view their shoes as a symbol of wealth. Men in the business world are constantly investing in Italian shoes, much like Rolex watches in order to show that they have “made it” in the business world and in life.

If you are in the market for a new pair of shoes or want to buy your guy the perfect gift, be sure to check out our selection of Italian men’s shoes!