Spend more on high-end accessories by cutting the costs of healthy locks

July 18, 2012

Among many things, celebrities are known for their good looks and fabulous style. But, despite what the ads for the latest workout equipment or department store say, these attributes don't come easy. Hours in the gym, diets and countless hair and makeup sessions keep Hollywood stars looking their best.

Still, that doesn't mean that you can't follow tips by famous stylists who work closely with some of the world's most beautiful men and women. In Style recently published an article describing how we the fashion faithful can get our hair shiny and looking like a million bucks without spending it:

1) Schedule regular trimsYou may not know it, but getting your hair cut regularly keeps your strands in great shape. Even asking the the stylist to trim off a quarter-inch every six weeks makes a difference. L.A. stylist, Adir Abergel told the magazine that cuts, "Remove the dead, split ends that can make hair look dull, especially if you have a lot of layers."

2) Eat your greens
Of course, vegetables like broccoli and spinach are good for our bodies, but did you know that these green foods are also good for our hair? Dark greens contain a lot of vitamins A and C, chemicals our body needs to produce lots of sebum, the oily substance that is nature's natural conditioner.

3) Use gel
Gel is no longer just for the stars of the "Jersey Shore." Gelled tresses have been seen on the fall runway of Marc Jacobs for the upcoming season. Start with a strong-hold gel and work through your hair before pulling back into a ponytail.

4) Accentuate your hair
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