Shoe War! How Styles are Different in Europe Compared to USA

November 19, 2014

Shoe War!

How Styles are Different in Europe Compared to USA


You may think that when it comes to shoes that one size fits all. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! If you are a shoe lover, you need to learn how styles from Europe are different from styles produced in the USA. Read on to become more shoe savvy in seconds!

  1. Size

European shoes take a lot more aspects of the foot into consideration than USA does. For example, European shoes don’t have separate size charts for children and adults. Their shoes range in sizes on a spectrum; where children fit into the smallest sizes and adults are all the way at the other end, wearing the larger sizes. European shoe sizes are also unisex, while in America; women and men have separate fits; as do children and youth. European shoe makers are always on a quest to give their customers a perfect fit, so their shoes are made custom and can even come in a wide or extra wide fit.

  1. Material

European shoes are notorious for their fine materials such as leather, which is conditioned and tanned by hand, while American shoes are more mass produced and not of as high of quality. European shoes are also known for their interesting and unique embellishments, which literally make their shoes look like a million bucks; and American shoes are more traditional and simple.

  1. Style

European shoes are more fashion forward, edgy, and daring with their body style. American shoe designers usually look to the European designers to set the pace and trends with their original designs, so overall, European shoes are more innovative and unique; making them more sought after and stylish.

  1. Price

On average, European shoes are much more expensive than American shoes. However, you get what you pay for. You’ve just learned that European shoes are made by hand; they use the finest materials and embellishments, and have the most modern styles; which make them more coveted and desirable. It also means that the shoes are more

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