Russia’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week kicks off over the weekend

April 1, 2013
Many of the models at MBFW Russian walked the runway wearing stylish black bob wigs.

When most people think of foreign fashion power-houses, cities like Milan, London and Tokyo may come to mind – not necessarily Moscow. However, that is all changing as Russia’s capital is in the middle of its annual fashion week.

The event started in 2000 and was originally dubbed Russian Fashion until it teamed up with Mercedes-Benz in 2012. It’s now called Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) Russia. Thirteen years ago, this seven-day affair featured just 20 designers, but since then, has made leaps in the industry. Today, 150 individuals showcase their collections.

”We’ve been picking up designers from other cities, searching for talent in our schools and universities,” said Alexander Shumsky, president of MBFW Russia, according to Elle Magazine’s U.K. edition. ”We want to make Moscow a hub for Russian speaking designers.”

The event began on Saturday, March 30, and has already spotlighted a cornucopia of designers that have turned heads. Georgia’s Ria Keburia made a bold statement by putting her models in accordion-inspired pleats and accessorized the women in golden helmets.They strutted their stuff on the catwalk to church music. The last two females covered their chests and walked in nothing but long black skirts.

Svetlana Tegin also turned heads. She presented an assortment of knitted shawls, part of her “Paris” collection, in which every model wore a black bob wig that was reminiscent of Louise Brooks. They also sported over-the-knee socks paired with loafers.

Because Russian fashion has yet to expand like other markets, designers have undeniably come across challenges – mainly that of expanding their talent. As a result, many upcoming designers are forced to study abroad. However, the combination of talent and determination is sure to help this industry within the Siberian country to take off very soon.

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