Pair Christian Dior Escarpin pumps with the Bar jacket

July 16, 2012

It may be 2012, but designers for high-fashion label Christian Dior are already thinking ahead to summer 2013. Raf Simons, the creative director for the brand, and Bill Gaytten, the interim design chief, recently released a preview of Dior's upcoming summer collection, and as most people would guess, the clothes are just as fabulous as those made by the late Dior himself.

Gaytten used the Bar jacket to inspire next season's line. This article of clothing has a cinched-waist and is reminiscent of the designer's 1947 iconic look. The design chief paired the jacket with full ballerina-style knee-length skirt in a pink-like hue.

The idea behind bringing back the Bar jacket was that, despite being used by the Dior more than 50 years ago, it's an article of clothing that is both versatile and modern. It looks great paired with a pencil skirt or lean pants, and it's also feminine without being too frilly and over-the-top for today's sensibilities.

Of course, when sporting the Bar, women should remember to wear an equally stunning pair of shoes. The Christian Dior Spirit Escarpin black pumps are beautiful, fashion-forward, and of course, comfortable.

But, what may make some women uncomfortable is the price they are asked to pay for this designer footwear in department stores. Luxury stores sell them for almost $350.

At, you can find the high fashion of Christian Dior without the high prices. We are an online retailer that sells authentic, high-fashion shoes and accessories at discounted prices, and we promise that you won't find an authentic Escarpin sold at a better price anywhere else.

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