Obama family is dressed to the nines on election night

November 7, 2012
Michelle Obama is not only known for her brains, but style as well.

Regardless of whether you're a Republican, Democrat or Independent, it's hard to argue with the fact that this presidential election has been grueling. Americans have been bombarded with among other things, calls and political advertisements in an attempt to get convince voters that one candidate is better than another.

But, in the end, President Barack Obama came out on top. Although the majority of the nation is focusing on how many more electoral votes he gained than his competitor, the employees at Dellamoda.com, a designer online fashion retailer, are focusing on what everyone in the Obama family was wearing during the announcement.

You don't have to be a Democrat to agree that all four members of the family exercised their right to choose (clothes, that is) and boy, did it pay off. First Lady Michelle looked radiant as she joined her husband on stage in a Michael Kors silk chine dress. She paired the frock with a bolero and kitten heels.

Michelle and Barack's daughters sported knee length full a-line skirts in blue and green. Each donned a cardigan like Momma Obama. Sasha and Malia each added accessories to their outfits like a studded belt.

Everyone in the family looked elegant and oh so presidential. Although they never fail to disappoint, when they appeared on stage on Tuesday night, the first family looked positively radiant, comfortable and confident in the clothes that they were wearing.

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