New editor named a Cosmopolitan Magazine

September 5, 2012

After more than seven months of searching for a new editor to replace 14 year veteran Kate White, Cosmopolitan Magazine announced yesterday that Joanna Coles, formerly editor-in-chief of Marie Claire Magazine, will now take the helm. David Carey, the president of Hearst Magazines, delivered the news himself.

As the editor of Marie Claire, Cole not only increased the number of readers, but also made a name for herself as one of the regular guest judges on the hit television show “Project Runway All Stars.”

Coles has an impressive resume. Before working at Marie Claire, this Brit was a reporter who worked for The Guardian, The Times of London and New York and More, a publication geared toward females over 40 years old.

After beginning her work as editor at Marie Claire, she said that she was shocked at how negative womens periodicals were. The rules were that body issues were to be kept private and sex was thought of as something that couldn’t be talked about.

”For me what’s important is to be on the side of women when it comes to sex,” Coles said, according to the New York Times. “It’s very important to have a sense of humor when you edit a magazine β€” at Cosmo, it is much raunchier. I have a lot of learning to do. There are 365 sex positions of the day here and one of them is called the linguine.”

Of course, as the soon-to-be editor of a magazine aimed at fun and fearless women, Coles knows the importance of fashion and you should too. For designer accessories that cost less than at department stores, buy from us,

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