Nautical Chic! How to Accessorize This Sizzling Summer Style

March 2, 2016

How to Accessorize This Sizzling Summer Style

You don’t have to own a yacht to look as though you’ve just stepped off of one. Nautical chic is a specific and sizzling hot summer style that looks amazing on girls and guys. You can pull off this sailor inspired look by wearing a few basic items and accessorizing them with just the right items.

First, keep your color pallet to neutral tones that are inspired by the sea-beige, white, navy, turquoise, and even red are ideal tones to try. Pops of coral here and there in the form of accessories will also complement your look.

Next, select anything that is made from straw or other woven fabrics. Ladies can carry around a tote, slide on a pair of woven bottom espadrilles, and men can add a woven, rope inspired belt around khaki trousers or white linen shorts.

Then, pick up the right sunglasses to not only protect your eyes but enhance your style. You can’t go wrong with a designer pair because their optical protection is par none and each pair is crafted carefully from the best materials and are meant to be long lasting and their designs are always in style. A pair of aviator lenses is always a wise choice and looks amazing on both genders (why not get a matching pair for summer?).

Also, add some shimmering sea accessories that stand out but are light weight to wear in the summer heat. A small, golden shell pendant or a pretty coral bracelet will do the trick; while men can pick up a bronze toned, light weight designer watch to offset the nautical trend and their tanned skin.

You also want to keep you head protected. Consider purchasing a wide brimmed straw hat to look oh-so-chic at the beach or a classic men’s visor to keep the sun out of your eyes while boating.

Finally, any kind of ocean print article of clothing or accessory will also help you achieve a nautical chic look. Think lobster belts, seersucker stripes, shell printed bags, or even playful wave prints. They will be sure to make a “splash” wherever you travel or socialize.

Anyone can achieve a sizzling hot nautical look. Follow some of the guidelines above when accessorizing your next summer seaside outfit!

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