Learn how to bring sexy back…while you’re pregnant!

August 7, 2012

Being pregnant no longer means that you have to dress up in dowdy mom-jeans and big tee-shirts. In fact, some of the world’s most famous moms-to-be have been spotted showing off their baby bump.

To learn about how you can look like one hot momma when you’re expecting, read over some of the tips below from InStyle Magazine:

1) Wear what you like
You don’t need to completely change up your wardrobe when you have a bun in the oven. If dresses are your number one go-to item, keep wearing them. Maternity clothes now come in almost as many options as their non-maternity counterparts. Many high-fashion department stores sell stylish duds that can be worn throughout your pregnancy.

2) Embrace the stretch
We’re not talking about stretch marks. We’re referring to materials like lycra. “When you’re five, six or seven months pregnant, accentuate your stomach because it’s sexy,” Famous stylist Estee Stanley said, according to the magazine. “You don’t want to look bigger when you’re pregnant, so it’s a fine line, but stretchy lycra dresses will show off your shape in a good way,”

3) Sport chic denim
The days when women were restricted to overly matronly maternity clothes are long gone. Now, mommies-to-be can show off their shape and still be comfortable in stretchy and flattering jeans, many of which come with a hidden adjustable panel to give growing bellies the extra support they need.

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