It’s All About Embellishments!

October 6, 2014
fashion embellishment

fashion embellishment


It’s All About Embellishments

When you pick up a new accessory, what certain thing about it stands out to you? Was it its color? Its shape? Possibly its size? Many fashion lovers don’t realize that they pick up the products that they do because certain embellishments caught their eye! Read on to learn about the top embellishments on bags and shoes that is a favorite with fashion-loving shoppers.


Popular for the past five years or so (but of course, huge in the 80’s and 90’s); studs add a little edge to feminine items and even a little punk, rock and roll element.


Nothing says I’m pretty and pristine like miniature bows on tops, shoes, bags, and even belts. A slight throw back to the 80’s, bows can be so sophisticated when designed and worn right.


Strappy shoes are a must. They add an element of excitement and sex appeal to the feet. Straps that wrap around the ankle help draw attention to the legs and are simply much more fun to wear than a classic pair of pumps.


Do your eyes tend to gravitate toward shiny things? If so, you’re not alone. Many women feel that sequins channel glamour and add drama to any outfit or accessory.


Completely vintage chic; feathers add fun and a soft texture to special occasion shoes. Feather embellished headbands and bird cage veils are also still popular with modern brides, so keep your eyes peeled for this fluttery embellishment.

Are you guilty of loving unique embellishments? Rest easy knowing it’s certainly not a crime. Check out your closet to see if you notice a pattern of embellishments on your current items and try to switch it up and swap them out for some others. After all, it’s all about embellishments!

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