How will Kate Middleton’s style change during pregnancy?

December 4, 2012
Everyone around the world undoubtedly can't wait to see how fabulous Kate looks during these exciting nine months.

After it came out that Kate Middleton and Prince William were going to be parents, the internet, not surprisingly, seemed to go crazy, especially since for the past few months, rumors swirled that they were going to have a baby. In addition the multitude of congratulatory messages that fans of the royal couple wrote via websites like Twitter, it seemed like thousands of articles were published questioning how Middleton’s maternity style would evolve, if at all.

Everyone knows the Duchess of Cambridge for her fabulous fashion sense. After all, how many times has she been seen around the world sporting designer handbags and designer shoes? Exactly.

Although it’s hard to imagine Princess Kate, who was hospitalized earlier this week for acute morning sickness, looking anything other than fabulous, some online publications like EntertainmentWise posed the question whether Middleton’s wardrobe while pregnant would stay chic or turn to frumpy like Princess Diana’s was when she was expecting.

In a statement, former Vogue Magazine editor, Liz Lange, said that she doesn’t think Kate’s pregnancy should change her fashion choices in the least.

”Kate already dresses in a way that is perfect. I want her to stay in these fitted, ladylike dresses that will show off her growing bump in a way that’s very celebratory and appropriate. It’s all about keeping it fitted. Nobody wants to see a pregnant woman teetering on stilettos, it’s uncomfortable,” she said.

Whether the Duchess chooses to stick with the outfits everyone has seen her in all along or will opt for a change, one thing is for certain, the entire world will be watching her every move.

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