How to look your best when being photographed

July 25, 2012
Look your best in front of the lens with these hot tips.

Let’s face it, you’ve probably seen a bad picture taken of you that’s made your mouth drop in shock as you ask yourself, “Do I really look like that?” You may rush to untag that picture of you on Facebook or delete that photo from your boyfriend’s phone, but that awful and unflattering image is going to stay in your mind no matter how badly you try to delete it.

Luckily, there’s good news for all of us out there. By following InStyle Magazine’s steps below, you’ll be sure to never look bad in a picture again. Say cheese!

1) Master a signature smile
Your inclination may be to smile wide and show all those teeth that spent so many years covered in braces, that’s not always the best choice. If that’s the case, go for something a bit smaller, less overwhelming and even slightly more mysterious. Just look at actress Kate Bosworth. She doesn’t typically show her teeth when she smiles, and she usually looks gorgeous in pics.

2)  Keep your chin up
There are few things that are worse than looking at a picture of yourself and noticing the dreaded double chin. As you gasp in horror, let this be a lesson to you. Keep your head and chin up when smiling for the camera. Also, be sure that the camera lens is at eye level or higher. Snapping your photo from down low usually makes you look bloated and heavier than you are.

3) Angle your body
Follow examples stars like Blake Lively and Jennifer Hudson and don’t face the camera straight on when someone is taking your photo. Standing at a slight angle, putting one leg out in front and putting your hand on your hip will help elongate your leg and slim out your arm.

4) Killer accessories
Finally, make sure you look your best by being photographed wearing fabulous accessories. If you want to look like a star without spending tons of money, look no further at We sell 100-percent sophisticated accessories, like high-end sunglasses, real leather wallets and designer purses by brands like Gucci, Prada and Yves Saint Laurent all at discounted prices.

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