How to Accessorize for a Graduation!

March 8, 2016
Graduate students wearing graduation hat and gown, outdoors

How to Accessorize for a Graduation

May and June are the prime months for graduations! When your friend or family member is walking across the stage, you can sit in the stands and saunter off to their celebratory party in style. Read on to learn a few simple rules for accessorizing for a graduation.

Rule #1 Carry a Compact Bag

No one wants to carry a big and bulky bag to a graduation. Not only are you limited with seating space, but you certainly do not want something heavy hanging on your shoulder at the post grad party. Opt for a small clutch with a detachable strap so you can wear it cross body style when you want to go hands free or simply pop it under your arm for a more stylish statement. It’s large enough to carry your essentials but small enough to not become a burden.

Rule #2 Sunglasses Are a Must

No one wants to look out at a graduation ceremony and glare directly into the setting sun. Be prepared by wearing a pair of designer shades that will shield your eyes and enhance your style. You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of oversized sunnies or a pair of metallic aviators by a top designer like Gucci, Fendi, or Armani.

Rule #3 Walk in Wedges

Stiletto heels are a big no-no for a graduation. They will stick into the grass and give you difficulty when walking. Flat sandals and flip flops are sometimes too plain as well. Opt for a wedge instead. They will give you the height you crave but will allow you to easily walk through a yard or any other terrain, and many have cute cut-out embellishments which are ideal for warmer temps.

Besides being dressed appropriately for a graduation, your accessories play a key role. They mix style with function to ensure you remain comfortable throughout your outdoor, afternoon into evening event.

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