Fashion Week kicks off in South Korea

October 22, 2012

South Korea may have recently made a name for itself as the birthplace of the singer of the chart-topping hit "Gangnam Style," but it's also known for something else:its burgeoning fashion industry.

Seoul, the capital, is quickly becoming one of the most fashion-forward places in the world and as such has recently kicked off its very own fashion week, according to The Wall Street Journal. And the venue of the shows, the War Memorial of Korea, has proved to be just as unique

''Overseas, fashion weeks are held at many distinctive yet unusual venues, such as deserted factories, railway stations or museums,'' said Jung Ae-ri, manager of Seoul’s culture and industry department, to the WSJ. ''Visitors, especially from those abroad, will be given a chance to think about what actually happened decades ago in this country, walking into the building.''

The seven-day event will feature approximately 60 well-known Korean designers and labels like Steve J & Yoni P, Beyond Closet and Lie Sang Bong. Seoul Fashion Week will also give 12 up and coming clothing creators the opportunity to showcase their talent through a program called "Generation Next."

If you don't believe that the South Korean fashion industry is on the up and up, just look at the numbers. The news outlet reports that the number of foreign buyers and journalists are expected to reach 180, which is up from 120 last year.

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