Fashion editors embracing a new trend: bigger women

August 23, 2012

Most of us are used to seeing rail-thin models sprawled between the pages of famous fashion magazines modeling clothes that look like even a 12-year-old girl would have trouble fitting into. But, all of that may be changing as certain editors are being told to airbrush models to make them appear bigger and more curvaceous.

”The bootylicious-ness of the Beyonce, the J-Lo, and the Kim Kardashian effect is contagious, and Hollywood runs things more than models nowadays. It is definitely not about make-me-look skinny, it is make me look sexy and curvy. And we’re also seeing a trend in cleavage,” said top celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch.”(Airbrushing) is happening in several other parts of the body too. They want toned arms, and fuller faces.”

This process of photoshopping is known as “reverse retouching” and it was first introduced to the public after employees at a British magazine called Healthy admitted that a certain cover model looked unnaturally skinny. However, instead of finding someone new at the last minute, the director of the shoot just told the editor to use special effects to make her body look fuller.

Even one former Cosmopolitan editor said her staff has altered the way some models in this magazine look so that they have bigger hips and fuller faces. The art director of Self Magazine made a similar confession.

The bottom line is that 24 inch waists are out and bootylicious figures are in, which means that the majority of women in the world don’t have to feel so guilty about enjoying a cheeseburger once in awhile.

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