City hosts fashion week that favors plus-sized women

December 28, 2012
The main goal of this event is to show the world that rail-thin models aren't the only women who should be considered beautiful.

It's no secret that the fashion world has traditionally favored rail-thin females with legs that go on for ever to model dresses, designer shoes and designer accessories, but that all may soon be changing as one city is making a big push to include plus-size women in fashion shows. According to sources like the United Kingdom's Mail Online, London will be hosting the first ever Plus Size Fashion Weekend (LPSFW).

The event is taking place on February 15 and February 16 of next year and will be held at the Beach Blanket Babylon and Shoreditch Town Hall in East London. The goal is to attract more than 500 people and highlight a number of designers, speakers, models and stores who wear a size 14 and above.

In addition to the shows, attendees will also have the opportunity to partake in a wide range of other activities ranging from a styling class to discussions about the plus-size fashion industry. The main goal of the event is to show people that beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes.

In a statement, organizer of LPSFW Remi Ray said that she was inspired to host the two-day affair a few years ago.

''I had always felt uncomfortable trying to fit into mainstream fashion when my shape didn’t conform to what is perceived to be mainstream sizes. After completing my fashion degree I decided to look further into supporting the plus-size market and started Trapped in a Skinny World, which is a plus-size vintage fashion boutique.''

She also added if ''If our event makes at least one plus-size woman overcome her fears and encourages her to indulge in her love for clothes and feeling great, then we will have done our job!''

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