Chanel opens up first boutique store in London

July 24, 2012
Chanel is coming to London in time for the Olympics with its first boutique store.

London is a city that is known for it’s high-fashion. High-end brands like Versace, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior have all made a name for themselves in England’s capital city.

And recently creative director for Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, made the decision to set up shop in London, reports Vogue Magazine. The timing, which coincides with the 2012 Summer Olympics, is no coincidence. More than 500,000 tourists are expected in the capital between July 17 and August 18, according to the United Kingdom’s Department of Transport.

That means, when visitors aren’t watching athletes go for the gold, many will likely be spending their time and money shopping. And what better place to buy beautiful, hand-crafted shoes and designer purses than in Chanel’s newly built boutique store?

This will be the first time the French designer will have its own store in the United Kingdom. It will open up today and will occupy just under 190 square feet in Covent Garden. Despite the high prices consumers will pay for anything they purchase, don’t expect the interior to be over-the-top or flashy. A simple, but classy white and black color scheme will decorate just about every square inch of the space.

After all, the Lagerfeld doesn’t want the interior of his boutique to take away from everything fabulous that his brand has to offer, such as accessories, purses, fragrances and makeup collections. Within the store, there’s even an in-house nail salon so you can pamper your cuticles before jetting off to that equestrian match you and your husband have tickets to.

Regardless of all the amazing products the Chanel boutique is sure to have, it’s no secret that these high-fashion items don’t come cheap.

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