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How to “Bag” the Perfect Bag – What styles of handbags work for you

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How to “Bag” the Perfect Bag Shopping for a new handbag can sometimes be a daunting task. However, it can and should be a fun and efficient experience. Follow these simple tips and tricks to ensure that you don’t waste hours searching for your ideal accessory. Here is how to bag the perfect bag! First, shop a site that boasts a variety of brands. One stop shopping is always the way to go. You can browse the

🔍Read Full Article Coach tote makes perfect Mother’s Day gift

Coach tote makes perfect Mother’s Day gift

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Mother's Day is May 12, but if you are like many people, you have yet to buy your mom the perfect gift. Of course, at, we understand how busy you are these days. Maybe you're holding down a full-time job, raising the kids or both. But, whatever your reason for procrastination may be, it's time to pull the trigger and buy your mother something that she will treasure for a lifetime. One of our favorite

🔍Read Full Article 3 great beige handbags for summer

3 great beige handbags for summer

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Last year, beige made a big comeback on the casual and formal female fashion scenes. It was everywhere, with everything from pants to shoes incorporating the neutral. Traditionally associated with the beach, sand, safaris and other seasonal activities, it's no surprise that this hot color is a veritable summer staple. And one great way to revitalize your high-end fashions from last year is to pair them with a stunning new handbag. At, we routinely have designer

🔍Read Full Article Coach’s Ashley handbag is the perfect present for any woman

Coach’s Ashley handbag is the perfect present for any woman

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The holiday shopping season is fast approaching and that means you're probably on the hunt to find the important ladies in your life like your mom and sister the perfect present. Unfortunately, some people aren't easy to shop for. Either they have taste that you can't relate to or a predilection for items that are just simply out of your budget. Luckily, you don't have to spend a fortune to get your friends and the family

🔍Read Full Article Anything berry colored is hot this season

Anything berry colored is hot this season

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Although we love warm weather and all the cute fashion trends that go along with it like espadrilles and sundresses, fall is certainly a welcome change. In addition to a drop in temperature and fabulous foliage, it's also the time to pull out all of our sweaters, scarves and all the other articles of clothing that make this season so amazing. And one of the biggest trends of the season is bright berry fuschia. This sumptuous