BORN FROM TRADITION, The Jose Real story

August 29, 2017
jose real shoes

BORN FROM TRADITION – The Jose Real story begins in the heart of Spain as a family endeavor with timeless artistry and passionate craftsmanship behind every hand constructed shoe. These defining moments inspired the youngest son to develop his own shoe collection combining the tradition from his family’s operation in Spain with the experience and craftsmanship of Naples, combining Italian heritage with a modern identity.

A TRULY MODERN IDENTITY – Each Jose Real shoe is designed with excellence in mind, unique in its design and is handcrafted by skilled artisans that treat leather as the true start of his shoes, with passion for details, using a handmade coloring process that defines the philosophy and soul of our brand: a confident and inspired design style with roots in tradition, modernity, quality and design.

THE WORLD’S FINEST CRAFTSMANSHIP – In the heart Italy’s oldest and most revered shoemaking regions, each and every Jose Real shoe begins its life in Naples within the hands of our master artisans that strive to bring the highest level of luxury, performance, functionality and quality to every meticulously made footwear product. With over four decades of family knowledge of leathers and a true understanding and appreciation of the finest materials that proudly don our namesake.

THE PURSUIT OF PERFECTION – All of our shoes begin with a rigorous process, strictness built by solid pillars driven by our connection to our tradition and roots while building footwear for the individuals that shape the world. Built for the control and understanding of premium materials from the solid construction. Our hands shape the process as we feel the leather and create the shapes with our own hands. Each of our shoes goes through more than 150 separate processes before it even arrives.

COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE – Jose Real shoes are the physical embodiment of our love and appreciation for the modern man’s style and footwear choices. Our commitment to excellence guarantees for life all Jose Real shoe products to meet you at every moment of inspiration and every opportunity of class and style, producing each piece with the same technology and precision that bears our name.


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