BORN FROM TRADITION, The Jose Real story

BORN FROM TRADITION – The Jose Real story begins in the heart of Spain as a family endeavor with timeless artistry and passionate craftsmanship behind every hand constructed shoe. These defining moments inspired the youngest son to develop his own shoe collection combining the tradition from his family’s operation in Spain with the experience and craftsmanship of Naples, combining Italian heritage with a modern identity.

A TRULY MODERN IDENTITY – Each Jose Real shoe is designed with excellence in mind, unique in its design and is handcrafted by skilled artisans that treat leather as the true start of his shoes, with passion for details, using a handmade coloring process that defines the philosophy and soul of our brand: a confident and inspired design style with roots in tradition, modernity, quality and design.

THE WORLD’S FINEST CRAFTSMANSHIP – In the heart Italy’s oldest and most revered shoemaking regions, each and every Jose Real shoe begins its life in Naples within the hands of our master artisans that strive to bring the highest level of luxury, performance, functionality and quality to every meticulously made footwear product. With over four decades of family knowledge of leathers and a true understanding and appreciation of the finest materials that proudly don our namesake.

THE PURSUIT OF PERFECTION – All of our shoes begin with a rigorous process, strictness built by solid pillars driven by our connection to our tradition and roots while building footwear for the individuals that shape the world. Built for the control and understanding of premium materials from the solid construction. Our hands shape the process as we feel the leather and create the shapes with our own hands. Each of our shoes goes through more than 150 separate processes before it even arrives.

COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE – Jose Real shoes are the physical embodiment of our love and appreciation for the modern man’s style and footwear choices. Our commitment to excellence guarantees for life all Jose Real shoe products to meet you at every moment of inspiration and every opportunity of class and style, producing each piece with the same technology and precision that bears our name.


3 summer wedges you’ll want in your closet

The warm weather has finally graced us with its presence and that means we can put away our sweaters, scarves and boots and exchange them for summer and spring essentials like wedges and espadrilles. There is something so feminine and fun about this kind of footwear, and if you agree, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to break the bank for those made by famous designers.

At, we offer reasonably priced designer shoes that will help you look and feel your best. Here are our picks for the season:

1) Christian Louboutin Shoes Platform Lace Up Wedge Sandals

Christian Louboutin is a famous French designer known for his gorgeous shoes. His lace up platform wedges in lilac look great with everything from dresses to skirts. Imagine how impressed all of your friends will be when they see that signature red sole. Now, whether or not you reveal that you bought them at the discounted price of just $354 is up to you!

2) Mea Shadow Leather Wedge Women’s Sandals Blush “Giglio”

Wear these shoes to brunch or out on the town with your friends. Their nude color means they go with virtually any outfit. This wedge is ideal for the girl that has a little bit of edge and isn’t afraid to show it off. The platform is approximately four-and-a-half inches high, but despite its height is extremely comfortable.

3) Gucci Womens Shoes Classic Wedge Pumps White

It may not yet be Memorial Day, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy wearing these shoes. They are all white, made of patent leather and crafted in Italy. These wedges are crisp, clean and fun. Like all of our products, when you purchase these from us, you’ll receive the original box and dust bag, and 100 percent authenticity is guaranteed.

Perfect summer date outfits

Picture this: You’ve just been asked out by the cute guy you see at the gym, and in the midst of your excitement, you realize that you have nothing to wear. It’s an awful feeling that can send you into a tailspin. Talking to your friends doesn’t make you feel any better. After all, they say that you have plenty of outfits. But you know the truth. Wearing that last season’s Nanette Lepore fit and flare you have hanging in your closet doesn’t have that wow factor it once did.

Luckily, there’s a solution. You can look your best without breaking the bank. Here are some summer options that will make you feel like a million bucks without spending it:

1) Colorblock dress

Colorblock dresses are perfect for summer, as well as cute and flirty. Look for one that hits above the knee and has some added texture. Add some fun bangles and drop earrings, and you’ll be guaranteed a second date before your first one is even over.

2) White jeans

White jeans are perfect for an outing with that guy you’ve been eyeing. Pair with a nautical-inspired top and you’ve got a getup that is preppy and cute as can be. For that extra touch of classic glamor, add this gorgeous Franco Ferre Cream Leather Italian Handbag.

3) Lace shorts

Love wearing shorts, but haven’t found a pair that is date-appropriate? Search for ones that are made of lace or have lace detailing. They’re sweet without looking too fluffy. Wear them with a boho-inspired top. Of course, you’ll need a pair of designer shoes to complete this outfit. At, we love these Christian Louboutin Platform Wedge Organic Lace-Up Sandals.

3 pairs of designer shoes your man should have

You may love your man, but let's face it, traditionally men don't have the same fashion sense as women. They mix and match patterns and colors that have nothing to do with each other, buy pants that don't fit, and don't even get us talking about their shoes. Guys simply don't understand that a nice pair of designer shoes can do wonders for a wardrobe. Unfortunately, you've probably noticed that your beau isn't that interested in spending the day shopping. He's got more important things to worry about like hanging out with his buddies, watching sports and sampling that new craft beer.

As his partner, you may want to lend him a helping hand when it comes to picking out stylish footwear. At, we sell designer accessories and shoes at discounted prices. Here are some of our most popular options for men:

1) Gucci Mens Shoes Lace-Up Sneaker

Whether he's rocking them to dinner or out on the town with his friends, these shoes are the perfect choice. They are adorned with Gucci's signature logo, are made in Italy and come with the original dustbag and box. 

2) Cesare Paciotti Men's Designer Blue Boots

Let your man release his inner rockstar. These boots have the perfect amount of edge without being too over-the-top. They come in navy, are covered in metal detailing and come up to the ankle. Think of these as a more glammed-up version of a traditional high top.

3) Just Cavalli Men's Sneakers

If your partner needs a pair of designer shoes that can be worn day after day, these are perfect. They're extremely comfortable slip-ons and have hints of pink, blue, black and white, so that they go with absolutely everything. 

Men: What to wear to an interview

One of the most important times to look your best is during a job interview. In fact, many employers will tell you that it can impact their decision to make you a job offer. But, because there are so many choices out there, it can often be bit overwhelming. Here are some tips that will help let your interviewer know that you're a serious candidate:

1) Go for a more conservative look

Now is not the time to flaunt your South Beach-inspired fashions. Stay away from bold patterned shirts, turtlenecks, even those made of luxurious fabrics, and go for a classic look. A collared shirt in a neutral color like white, tie and navy or grey suit. Although black is certainly versatile, it is better suited for special events like a wedding.

2) Have everything pressed

Now is not the time to try to iron anything yourself. Take your suit to a dry cleaner and have it pressed. There's nothing worse than coming into an interview with a wrinkled shirt, jacket and pants.

3) Make sure your suit fits

What is just as bad as having a wrinkled suit? Wearing one that doesn't fit properly. Nothing says you don't care about your appearance more than having a suit that isn't tailored. 

3) Wear the right shoes

Having a nice pair of designer shoes is just as important as donning a well-fitted suit. These Jo Ghost Buckle Loafers in black are perfect. They are classy but completely appropriate. Your feet will feel as comfortable as the moment you put them on, even if you wear them all day. Best of all, they won't break the bank, especially when you buy from We sell designer accessories and shoes for less than what you would pay at a department store. These loafers are normally priced at more than $500, but when you purchase them from us, you'll pay just $431.