A neutral bag has staying power for fall

September 28, 2012
A nice neutral handbag looks great no matter what time of year it is.

As September comes to a close, fashionistas everywhere will sigh because it's time to put away that summer bag. But the good news is that fall is already here, and with it a slew of new accessory trends.

Celebrate the season by getting yourself a new designer purse that can take you through winter

While you may be tempted to select a black bag, think instead of choosing one in a lovely neutral tone such as this gorgeous embossed horsebit Gucci carryall. Not only will choosing a more subdued natural hue look appropriate with the more conservative look that most of us choose for fall, but this type of bag will also have more staying power, as you will have the option of using it through the spring, or year-round if you'd like.

Buy yourself a solid basic now, and it can be an investment that you have for a long time. But don't let this make you think that you have to sit out on current trends as they come up. The best thing about great evening bags such as the patterned Fendi shoulder wallet is that they're not meant for everyday use. Such accessories can be used to give variety to your bag repertoire.

And don't forget that metallics are neutrals too. So if classic leather isn't really your style, you may find that a silver one like this beauty from Coach is surprisingly versatile. The reflective tones of bags such as this one are easily dressed up or down, depending on the situation.

And no matter what bag you choose for fall, make sure that you get it from Dellamoda. We feature 100 percent authentic designer handbags and accessories at discounts you wouldn't believe.

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