🔍Read Full Article 3 summer wedges you’ll want in your closet

3 summer wedges you’ll want in your closet

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The warm weather has finally graced us with its presence and that means we can put away our sweaters, scarves and boots and exchange them for summer and spring essentials like wedges and espadrilles. There is something so feminine and fun about this kind of footwear, and if you agree, you'll be glad to know that you don't have to break the bank for those made by famous designers. At, we offer reasonably priced designer shoes that

🔍Read Full Article Perfect summer date outfits

Perfect summer date outfits

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Picture this: You've just been asked out by the cute guy you see at the gym, and in the midst of your excitement, you realize that you have nothing to wear. It's an awful feeling that can send you into a tailspin. Talking to your friends doesn't make you feel any better. After all, they say that you have plenty of outfits. But you know the truth. Wearing that last season's Nanette Lepore fit and

🔍Read Full Article 3 pairs of designer shoes your man should have

3 pairs of designer shoes your man should have

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You may love your man, but let's face it, traditionally men don't have the same fashion sense as women. They mix and match patterns and colors that have nothing to do with each other, buy pants that don't fit, and don't even get us talking about their shoes. Guys simply don't understand that a nice pair of designer shoes can do wonders for a wardrobe. Unfortunately, you've probably noticed that your beau isn't that interested in