Actress Marion Cotillard graces the cover of Vogue looking her best

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French actress Marion Cotillard is known for her beauty and unbelievable style. But the 36-year-old brunette beauty is not just another pretty face. Before even turning 40, Cotillard has appeared in big-theater hits like "Midnight in Paris," "Le Vie en Rose," "Inception" and "Contagion." She's worked as a world-renowned actress all while mothering her one-year-old son, Marcel, and acting as a muse to the designers at Christian Dior. ''I've never been more exhausted. But I've never had


Pair Christian Dior Escarpin pumps with the Bar jacket

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It may be 2012, but designers for high-fashion label Christian Dior are already thinking ahead to summer 2013. Raf Simons, the creative director for the brand, and Bill Gaytten, the interim design chief, recently released a preview of Dior's upcoming summer collection, and as most people would guess, the clothes are just as fabulous as those made by the late Dior himself. Gaytten used the Bar jacket to inspire next season's line. This article of clothing