Maglieriapelle Shoes, the story behind the brand!

Maglieriapelle ® is derived from “woven leather” in Italian. The vision is, shoes, the old fashioned way – by hand, one shoe at a time.

Monkstraps-Collection_1200xMaglieriapelle ® is derived from “woven leather” in Italian. The creative process incorporates a customer-focused approach and involves countless hours imagining, designing and iterating each shoe, obsessing over every detail. Crafted with the finest quality materials using responsible and ethical manufacturing processes, Maglieriapelle’s skilled artisans pour their heart and soul into making each pair.


Maglieriapelle Dellamoda


From leather to laces, designs, hand-sewn construction and unique hand-painting provide you an experience to own and enjoy the best handmade shoes for years to come.



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Three style fashion staples that you should pick up today!

Three Style Fashion Staples

Style is subjective. Everyone has preferences and a personal taste that reflects their lifestyle and personalities. However, there are a few key items that are evergreen and are always in style. Which items are the best investment pieces? Read on to learn about three style fashion staples that you should pick up today if you currently don’t have them in your wardrobe.

  1. A Great Pair of Designer Heels

Yes, designer heels. They are tremendously more expensive but oh-so-worth it in the long run. Designer heels are beyond well-made and are immensely comfortable. They will last longer than any cheap shoe you pick up in a department store and will always be in style. Whether you wear them to work, to a wedding, out to dinner, or any other special event; you can’t go wrong with a pair by Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, or Manolo Blahnik.

  1. Designer Frames

Designer sunglasses are sure to frame your face fabulously while giving your pretty peepers the utmost protection every day and every season. Choose a pair of classic oversized frames (popular since Jackie O.) or a shiny pair of metallic aviators because they will always be in style.

  1. An Everyday Hobo

Hobo bags are extremely versatile. You can tote one to work, to dinner, shopping on the weekends, or even to a special event. They are large enough to hold your everyday essentials but are small enough to not become a burden to carry. Pick up a hobo that is designed in soft and smooth leather, in a classic tone like caramel, black, red, or navy. Stick shiny, simple hardware and minimal embellishments to ensure the bag is always en vogue.

If you don’t have these three, classic accessories; your current wardrobe is seriously lacking. Follow the guidelines above to ensure you choose simple but chic items that you can utilize for years to come.

Bruno Magli Shoes, Eighty Years of Style

About Bruno Magli


Italian manufacturer Bruno Magli is known for its high-end, well-crafted, classically styled shoes. Launched as a women’s footwear manufacturer in 1936, the company expanded into men’s shoes and later into accessories and select apparel. By the 21st century it was an $83-million manufacturer and retailer of shoes, leather and fabric accessories, and leather clothing.

Designer Bruno Magli, son of a cobbler, founded the company along with his sister, Maria, who sewed the uppers, and brother, Marino, who was responsible for the soles.

In 1967 the company opened its first retail store (it moved into franchising as a means of expanding its retail operations in the 1980s) and two years later, in 1969, moved to a larger, more modern factory, which it continues to occupy today. Despite the use of the latest in modern technology, much of the craftsmanship in Bruno Magli footwear continues to be done by hand; 30 people touch each shoe during the course of its manufacture.


Company sales in U.S. skyrocketed in 1996, thanks to the Bruno Magli brand’s role in the O.J. Simpson murder trial, in which its shoes took center stage as evidence. The increased brand recognition, albeit with a certain amount of infamy, caused U.S. sales to rise by 50 percent in early 1997, after a rise of 35 percent in 1996, both attributed to the Simpson connection. Although the company welcomed the added sales, it discontinued the Lorenzo model, of which Simpson reportedly owned a pair and referred to them during the trial as “uglyass shoes,” despite the fact he was seen wearing them in many photos.


Starting in the mid-1990s and continuing through the early 2000s, Bruno Magli began to update its image, under the direction of Rita Magli. Stores and shoe designs were updated for a consistent global look. Previously, designs had been tailored to each country, and retail outlets placed more focus on the product and less on store décor. Since 2000, Bruno Magli concentrated on its worldwide image, with new store designs, advertising, styles, materials and colors. Bruno Magli U.S. president Peter Grueterich (Rolf’s son) toldFootwear News(8 May 2000) the company was “making a transition from classic to modern.”


In 2001, the Luxembourg-based investment fund Opera, half owned by Bulgari, acquired a controlling interest in Bruno Magli, representing the first time the founding family lost majority ownership. The firm planned to use the cash to expand its international presence; as part of the deal, Bruno Magli and Opera also acquired Bruno Magli’s U.S. operations which managed many franchising and licensing agreements. At the time of the acquisition, Bruno Magli had 60 stores around the world, five of which were wholly-owned, and generated the vast majority of its sales from outside Italy.

Bruno Magli manufactures more than a million pairs of shoes and 60,000 handbags (always coordinated with the footwear) per year. From the beginning, the firm’s shoes were purchased by many celebrities; current customers range from Hillary Clinton to Queen Elizabeth II of England. The company retains its dedication to quality—its designs are sometimes likened to architecture—and boasts several products on display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art